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Pit Vehicle Registration

Hobbs Motorsports Park requires all pit vehicles (i.e. Scooters, 4-wheelers, etc.) to be registered.

The cost to register is $10 per year.

The $10 annual fee allows the registered Pit Vehicle to used at Hobbs Motorsports Park and all NHRA tracks.
NHRA *UPDATE* South Central Division Auxiliary Pit Vehicle Registration
Thursday, February 01, 2007

The South Central Division has implemented a mandatory Auxiliary Pit Vehicle Registration this year at all of its Member Tracks. Pit vehicles will be defined as any motorized vehicle, (golf carts, scooters, motorcycles, 4-wheelers, etc) that is being utilized at the track. Racers will be required to complete a wavier form for each vehicle, pay a $10 registration fee, and place the serialized decal on the vehicle. The registration will allow you to use your vehicle at any South Central Division facility. Registration of pit vehicles will also be conducted at all Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series and Summit ET Finals events held in the South Central Division. Rules for operating Auxiliary vehicles in the pits have not changed, you must be a licensed driver over the age of 16 to ride or drive a motorized vehicle.

The auxiliary pit vehicle registration and waiver program is in effect in the NHRA Northeast Division and NHRA is implementing this program at all National events this season. All monies collected from this program are going to the tracks and not to NHRA.



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